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Master Plan Purpose and Objective

Every 10 years, Transport Canada requires the Charlottetown Airports Authority to submit a long-term Master Plan for the Charlottetown Airport (CYYG), as stipulated in the Transport Canada Ground Lease.

The Master Plan serves as a long-term, guiding document which maps out the next 20 years of development in a flexible and adaptable manner.

There are many direct and indirect benefits that can be realized from executing a Master Planning exercise:


  • Proactive asset planning for the airport and protecting land for the different types of assets required
  • Future collaboration with airline interests
  • Increased public and government consultation to provide input on future airport planning decisions
  • Improved awareness and buy-in from employees and tenants on CAA decisions
  • Support in the development of a sustainable brand which drives sustainable airport growth and business decisions


It is our goal to produce a long-term Master Plan document that will guide CAA development in a sustainable, flexible and custom-centric manner. 





 Master Plan Kick off

 April 23rd, 2019

 AGM – Public Consultation

 May 7th, 2019

 External Stakeholder Consultations

 April 23rd– May 30th, 2019

 Initial Report

 September, 2019

 Second Public Meeting

 October, 2019

 Final Report

 December, 2019


We want your feedback on our upcoming Master Plan.

To submit feedback regarding our Master Plan email