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CAA Master Plan

Charlottetown Airport Master Plan

What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is a roadmap for the long-term development of infrastructure and facilities to meet the aviation needs of the community over the next 20 years and beyond. Under the Ground Lease agreement with Transport Canada, the Master Plan must be updated every 10 years.

The Master Plan reviews forecasts, community and business needs, airline business models and the economic profile of the province to develop a long-term concept that will be sustainable, flexible and customer-centric mannered.


What you told us!

Respondants 2,368 responses to the survey
Over 85% of respondants are from PEI PEI Residents
Average Annual Flights Respondants flew an average of 4.1 times last year
The main focus identifed was to be “an efficient transportation hub” (54%) Transport Hub
Walkway Main access concern was covered walkway from car park to terminal (40%)
Main amenities concern was WiFi coverage and power outlets (54%) Wifi Coverage
Check-in Main processing concern was at check-in (50%)
Main airside operations concern was the lack of boarding bridges (65%) Boarding
Green Emissions and Energy Main sustainability concern was in relation to greenhouse gases emissions and energy use
Priority for Air Services was to get more services to major Canadian airports to provide “one-stop access to the world” (69%) One-stop Access

What are the future
growth forecasts?

510,000 to 910,000
14,900 Aircraft
14,900 to 18,500
Aircraft Movements

How big will the airport
become to meet demand?

5,300 m2
11,800 m2
3 Aircraft
5 Aircraft
415 Parking
750 Parking

What are the impacts
of the airport?

103.4 M in Gross Economic Output (2018) 550 Direct Full-Time Jobs
Increased Aircraft Activity Greenhouse Gas Emissions Waste and Water Usage
Host and Sponsor of Community Events

What is being done to
offset impacts?

Compatible Land-Use Plan Updated Noise Contours
Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 1, targeting Level 2
Green building design concepts

What is new in the
2040 Master Plan?

  • Expansion for Aircraft Parking
  • Additional taxiway for circulation
  • Reserve for new approach lighting
  • Reserve for terminal expansion
  • Additional commercial lots with airside access
  • Expanded reserve for groundside functions (parking, transit, car rental)
  • Assessing environmental impact reduction
  • Assessing use of technology


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Milestone Date
Master Plan Kick off April 23rd, 2019
AGM – Public Consultation May 7th, 2019
External Stakeholder Consultations April 23rd– May 30th, 2019
Initial Report September, 2019
Public Consultation October/November, 2019
Final Report January, 2020

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