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November 6, 2013

Airport Features Artwork from Local Artists

After a successful open call for proposals, the Charlottetown Airport Authority is very pleased to have chosen Island artists Brenda Whiteway and Tania Doucet to complete new works of art for the airport terminal.


"We were overwhelmed by the response and quality of proposals for this project, it was extremely difficult to select two artists out of such a talented list of individuals,” said Airport Authority CEO Doug Newson. "Both Brenda and Tania have been extremely professional to work with and we are very pleased with the results, which we believe will add some vibrancy to our terminal while allowing these local artists to showcase their talents.”


Both pieces of artwork entitled "Sky Calendar” by Brenda Whiteway and "Sailing Island Skies” by Tania Doucet are now installed in the air terminal building.

Sky Calendar

"Sky Calendar is based on daily observations of sky and weather conditions recorded during the course of one year, it attempts to capture visually both the spiritual and literal aspects of the sky” said Brenda Whiteway. "The vast expanses of the sky, cloud formations and weather conditions have been sources of mystery and fascination for people throughout history. For many Islanders the sky and weather conditions are crucial to their livelihoods, but these conditions are also important to the well-being of us all throughout life’s cycles, and both symbolically and literally represent what aircraft arriving and departing the airport fly through. The sky is both our spiritual embrace and our pathway to locations all over the world. "My artwork, being in the form of a calendar, both embraces and challenges the notions of time and schedules which are so intricately connected with airports and flight,” noted Whiteway.

Sailing Island Skies

"In creating "Sailing Island Skies" I wished to build a more expansive vision of my surrealistic dreamscapes, incorporating a number of Island symbols and allowing them to interact around a singular focal point,” said Tania Doucet. "While the airplane swoops playfully towards the heavens, the other characters watch the impressive display.  As is frequently the case in my whimsical landscapes, the lighthouse plays a central role and in this particular work, inspires an amusing metaphor.  Much like lighthouses served as a beacon guiding sailors home in the past, the airport serves as the haven bringing our visitors and loved ones safely home. "I was very honoured to have been chosen to take part in this project and am hopeful that my work might bring a smile to many faces as they pass by on their travels,” noted Doucet.