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May 12, 2015

Airport surpasses the 300,000 passenger mark in 2014

Charlottetown Airport Authority held its annual general meeting today where they released the 2014 Annual Report to a group of stakeholders and the public.  Charlottetown Airport had a record-breaking year with over 317,000 enplaned and deplaned passengers in 2014. In comparison to 2013, traffic was up by 7.3 percent, and it was the first time in the airport’s history that traffic numbers surpassed the 300,000 mark. 

"We are very pleased with these results, it is the highest traffic on record for the airport. We work hard to grow air access because passengers are the lifeblood of our business,” noted Newson. He continued, "Generating passenger traffic is all about convenience, choice, efficiency and friendliness.” 

2014 was a year of celebration for all of PEI and the Island saw more visitors than ever before. People came from all over the world to celebrate and experience the birthplace of Canada and the airport was proud to play a part in it. Newson noted, "PEI 2014 celebrations often extended to the airport, where we had oyster shuckers and buskers amongst the friends and family gathering in the arrivals area.” 

Looking ahead to the 2015 summer season Charlottetown Airport is anticipating a slight decrease in overall seat capacity compared to 2014. Newson noted, "Air Canada will make slight adjustments to the extra capacity that was added for the 2014 celebrations, but we are happy that WestJet is increasing their aircraft size for the summer season in PEI, which will help to offset this loss in capacity.”

The 2014 Charlottetown Airport Authority Annual Report is available electronically here.

New marketing campaign features Islanders’ Travel Stories

Charlottetown Airport launched the "flypei Travel Stories” campaign that aims at inspiring Islanders about the wonderful global experiences possible through air travel. "We are so appreciative to have worked with some great people on this campaign. They have allowed us to share their unique travel stories and experiences, all beginning right here at this airport,” said Newson.

Travel Stories can be viewed here