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April 5, 2015

YYG's Winter Warriors

The airport is closing in on a year of record-breaking snowfall. This is the second highest snowfall amount in Charlottetown's history with 528.5 cm accumulating this winter.

Above: Some of the Charlottetown Airport Authority snow removal team stand on a big mound of snow gathered this winter. Team members include Anson Grant, Brian Misener, Steve MacLean, Wade MacMillan, Chris Walsh, Keith Panton, Guy Belliveau, Dave Bell, and John Myers.

"The amount of snow this year has been unbelievable,” said Shelley Christian, VP of Operations at Charlottetown Airport. "It takes considerable effort to keep runway conditions acceptable and the airport open, and the guys really went above and beyond. We had an exceptionally tough winter at the airport, and the team was able to manage commitments at home and get us through this crazy winter while keeping a sense of humour about it all.”


The Airport Authority crew has never experienced such challenging working conditions.There were 3 major storms, two in February and one in March that dumped over 50cm of snow each and dozens of other storms and weather events. When there is freezing rain or ice the crew must continually stay on the runways to keep things clear for the following morning. The team was also able to keep airport access and groundside operations open and safe for arriving and departing passengers.

Above: Airport Authority operations team members gather with VP of Operations Shelley Christian with a couple pieces of the snow removal equipment that helped them stay ahead of over 520cm of snowfall this winter.

"It takes a strong team of hard working individuals to keep the airport operational and runways clear as much as possible during such a challenging winter,” said CEO Doug Newson. "I am very proud of our team, they are undoubtedly our winter warriors. Not many people think about the work it takes to keep an airport open in bad weather or clear all of the snow after 86 cm fell in 2 days and the entire city is at a standstill. These gentlemen have worked many all nighters to keep the runway operational, our maintenance supervisor even drove a snowmobile to work to relieve staff that were working back-to-back shifts.” added Newson.

Newson continued, "As we put this winter in our rearview mirror, I want to thank our entire team for their hard work and dedication.”